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about this site

About this website

This website is constructed and maintained by Tanaka Educational Academy which accepts the business of placing international cooperation members of Green Tourism as a part of the special relief project of employment reproduction from Aomori Prefectural Government.

The purpose of this project is to transmit the information for the development and promotion of Green Tourism project in Aomori Prefecture. This is not the website to mediate, advertise or make a sale of travel.

Copyrights notice

Aomori Tanaka Educational Academy owns the copyrights to all information (letters, pictures, illustrations etc.) provided on this website. The website “Aomori Agricultural Experience Guide” is the subject to copyright as editing works. Copyrights are protected under the copyright law in Japan and International Regulation.

Unauthorized quotation, reprint and duplicate are forbidden about all contents of this website.
You may quote, reprint or duplicate the contents of this website if you indicate the source by taking proper steps. However, only some part of quotations, reprints and duplicates are allowed if the proposal is accepted. Please contact to Aomori Tanaka Educational Academy in advance if you duplicate the website as commercial purpose.

You are not allowed to redesign all contents of the website without permission by Aomori Tanaka Educational Academy.


It is assumed that the link to “Aomori Agricultural Experience Guide” is free in principal. However please avoid misunderstanding from using similar type of frame as your website and open the new window with the address as follows. In addition, we would appreciate it if you could inform your URL to Aomori Tanaka Educational Academy when you establish a link to your website.

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