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Aomori City,Aomori
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Access to Aomori Prefecture

This page introduces the access to each area in Aomori Prefecture.
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Please check the time table or the routes of the train and the airplane with the operating companies.

airplane access

There are Aomori Airport and Misawa Airport in Aomori.

baggage allowance

The baggage allowance is different depending on the airline companies. If the weight of your baggage is over limit, you might have to pay extra charge or you have to put your baggage. Please confirm with the airline company you use.

train access

There are several JR East train lines entering to Aomori including Tohoku Shinkansen.

JR east railpass

This page introduces JR East Rail Pass for the visitors from abroad.

bus access

Expressway buses (Overnight buses) run from Tokyo station to each area in Aomori.

Comparison of expense

Comparison of expense for the access to Aomori in Japan (in April, 2011)

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