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Access to Aomori Prefecture

This page introduces the access to each area in Aomori Prefecture.
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airplane access

There are Aomori Airport and Misawa Airport in Aomori.

Aomori Airport

Aomori Airport has the regular flights to Sapporo (Hokkaido), Haneda(Tokyo), Chubu International(Aichi), Itami(Oosaka), Inchon (Korea) Airports. 12 of domestic flights are operated by Japan Airlines a day and International flight to Inchon Airport by Korean Air is on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (in January, 2011) . ※ the date of the flight will be changed depending on seasons.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes from Aomori Airport to the center of Aomori City by vehicle. The shuttle buses run from Aomori Airport to each area by considering the flight schedule.

Aomori Prefecture has much snow in winter so that the flight schedule will be changed due to the weather condition. Please check with the website of Aomori Airport for updated information.

Aomori Airport Terminal Building


Misawa Airport

There are the regular flight from Haneda(Tokyo) and Itami(Osaka) Airport from Misawa Airport and 3 to 5 flights are operated a day by Japan Airline (in January, 2011).

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes by vehicle from Misawa Airport to the center of Misawa City or Misawa Station. There are shuttle buses from the airport to Misawa City.

Misawa Airport is located in snow zone so that the flight schedule will be changed due to the weather condition Please check the website of Misawa Airport for updated information.

Misawa Airport Terminal Company


Airline routes from abroad to Japan

First of all, please enter Japan!

It is convenient to take Korean Air from Incheon Airport to Aomori Prefecture.

Aomori Airport (Japanese only)

Korean Air

In Japanese
In English
In Korean

The main airport in Japan is Narita International Airport (NRT in Narita City, Chiba). However you need to go to the central in Tokyo from Narita, and transfer to each area you wish to go by the train, bus, etc…
When you take the airplane to go after you arrive at Narita Airport, you should go to Tokyo International Airport (HND, Haneda Airport). It takes about an hour and a half to go to Haneda from Narita. You should estimate 4 hours to take all the process from Narita to Haneda to take domestic flight.


Access to Aomori Prefecture in Japan

In 2010, Haneda Airport completed the new terminal and this terminal is for the international flights. The numbers of flight between foreign countries and Haneda Airport increased and the transportation became convenient to take domestic flights.

The destination from Haneda Airport in April, 2011(International flights)
Shanghai Hongqiao, Taipei Songshan, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu,
Singapore, Soul, Bangkok, Pusan, San Francisco, Detroit,
New York, Vancouver, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Paris and London.

The flights from Haneda Airport from Aomori Airport are 6 times in a day. If you would like to go to the south of Aomori, you can fly to Misawa Airport. The flights are 3 times a day. (This is the information in April, 2010)
The flight schedule might be changed due to the weather condition. Please check with the website of each airport for details.

Haneda Airport Big Bird

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In Chinese
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Aomori Airport (In Japanese)

Misawa Airport (In Japanese)

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