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Access to Aomori Prefecture

This page introduces the access to each area in Aomori Prefecture. Please check the time table or the routes of the train and the airplane with the operating companies.

airplane access

The checked luggage
(The case you take the flight via Incheon Airport (Korea) from Aomori Airport to Bangkok, Thailand)
Number allowed No regulation in particular
Size A total of the length, width and height of one baggage have to be 158cm (62.2 inches) or less.
Weight Total weight must be 20kg (44.09lbs) or less. If your baggage is over 20kg, you have to pay extra charge. However the maximum weight of your baggage is 32kg (70.55lbs)

· Baggage Allowance is different depending on the airplane company or the cabin class. If the weight of baggage is over the weight limit, you might have to pay extra charge. Please check with the airplane company you will use.

Carry-On Luggage (the case of Japan)

Number allowed Two pieces (one bag and one personal item such as a purse, briefcase or laptop computer)
Size A total of the length, width and height of a baggage must not be more than 115cm (45 linear inches).
Weight Total of the baggage must not be more than 10kg (22.05lbs).

· Baggage Allowance is different depending on the airplane company or the cabin class. The stuff might check the weight of your luggage in some cases.

Destination-specific guidelines (the case of Japan)


Items which you are allowed to take:
Passengers are permitted to carry the following items which are contained in a clear re-sealable 1 quart /1 liter plastic bag and are 3.4 oz. /100ml or less: - Liquids (include juice), soy sauce, miso, sun block lotion, hair spray, gel for diabetic or other medical needs.
· Please put liquids which are more than 3.4oz./100ml into the suitcase. However, liquids or spray have the restriction depending on the variety. Please check with the airplane company you use.
The possible liquids as carry-on without permission:
Baby food, milk and medical goods with prescription (Items have to be 4.23oz/120ml or less including eye lotion and contact lens solution).


Items which you are allowed to take:
Razor, nail clipper and tweezers. You may NOT bring knives, scissors, sewing materials, chisels and wooden sword
· Prohibited items have to be placed into check-in luggage.


Items which you are allowed to take:
Disposal lighters or oil lighters. However you may bring only ONE lighter. You cannot put the lighter into the suitcase.

· The regulation is different depending to the airplane company, Please check with the airplane company you use.

Prohibited items which you cannot bring out from Japan (the case of export to China)

·Meat Products
Processed products such as bones, eggs, fat, blood, barks, fur, feather and hooves become objects for prohibition.

·Vegetables and Fruits in general
However, Pears and apples are allowed to bring to China if you get the written permission.

·Edible dried beans
Adzuki beans, Soy beans

·Plant seeds, Nursery plant
You need permission from Plant Protection Station to export cut flowers and Bonsai.

·Dangerous Materials
High Pressure Gas (Insect killer, Gas for the lighter, Gas for the stove etc.)
Combustible materials (Coal, matches)
Inflammable fluid (Oil for the lighter, varnish, paint etc.)
Radioactive materials (Luminous paint)
Explosives (Fireworks, crackers and explosive)
Oxidizing substances (Oxygen generator, bleach)
Harmful materials(Motors, lithium-ion batteries)
Caustic materials (Liquid battery, mercury thermometer)


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