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Access to Aomori Prefecture

This page introduces the access to each area in Aomori Prefecture. Please check the time table or the routes of the train and the airplane with the operating companies.

train access

There are several JR East train lines entering to Aomori including Tohoku Shinkansen.

JR East Japan

Tohoku Shinkansen

This shinkansen runs between Tokyo Station and Shin Aomori Station. Shinkansen line had extended to Aomori in December, 2010. Therefore it takes only 3 hours from Tokyo to Aomori. If you go to Aomori City from Shin Aomori Station, it is convenient to take Ouu Line or the bus. The new shinkansen station, “Shitinohe Towada Station” also had opened in December, 2010 so that it became convenient to access to the middle part of Aomori and Shimokita Peninsula.

Tohoku Line

The operation between Aomori Station and Hachinohe Station transfer to Aoi Mori Tetsudou Line due to the opening of Shin Aomori Station.

Ouu Line

This line runs seacoast of Japan Sea. This line is convenient for the access between Aomori Station and Hirosaki Station. You can also access from Shin Aomori Station to Aomori Station by this line.

Tsugaru Kaikyo Line

This line runs between Aomori and Hokkaido. The train goes through Seikan tunnel (undersea tunnel) to access Hokkaido. Seikan tunnel is the undersea tunnel and the length of tunnel is about 53.9 km which is the longest tunnel in the world. There is also undersea station in the tunnel you can visit.

Oominato Line

This line runs in Simokita Peninsula. Shimokita Station is the northernmost station in Japan. To access to Oominato Line from Aomori city, you have to take Aomoi Mori Testsudo Line from Aomori Station to Noheji Station. And you have to transfer to Oominato Line at Noheji Station. It takes about 1 hour and a half from Aomori Station to Oominato Station.

Gono Line

This is the line to connect Goshogawara City (Aomori) to Akita Prefecture. Please transfer from Ouu line to Gono line.

The time table changes depending on seasons. Please confirm it to operating companies.

JR East Japan


Private Railroads

There are several locally-based private railways as well as JR lines in Aomori. You may find the convenient lines to move around Aomori. Please confirm the detail to each railway companies.

Aoi Mori Tetudo Line

Metoki (Iwate Prefecture) ~Aomori


Towada Kankou Dentetsu Line

Misawa to Towada City


Tsugaru Line

Tsugaru Goshogawara to Tsugaru Nakasato


Kounan Tetsudou Kounan Line

Hirosaki to Kuroishi


Kounan Tetsudou Oowani Line

Oowani to Chuo Hirosaki

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Access to Aomori Prefecture Index

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  6. Comparison of expense for the access

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