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Access to Aomori Prefecture

This page introduces the access to each area in Aomori Prefecture. Please check the time table or the routes of the train and the airplane with the operating companies.

airplane access

Expressway buses (Overnight buses) run from Tokyo station to each area in Aomori.
The prices of the bus are less expensive than the prices of the train of the airplane. However it takes hours to take bus from Tokyo to Aomori. You are not able to book the tickets or get the tickets in abroad. You have to purchase your tickets in Japan. We recommend taking the train or the airplane.
You cannot reserve the bus as a group so that you cannot use overnight bus as a school excursion.
Please check the website below if you need more detail. They only have the website in Japanese.

Overnight Bus Hikaku Navi(Japanese Only )

Bus seat
Overnight bus cannot prepare beds due to the law so all buses have regular seats.

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Access to Aomori Prefecture Index

  1. Access by the airplane
  2. Baggage Allowance at the airport
  3. Access by the train
  4. JR Rail Pass
  5. Access by bus
  6. Comparison of expense for the access

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