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Agriculture in Aomoriってどんなもの?

The climate in Aomori Prefecture is affected by the complicated topography and ocean current such as Oou Mountain range, Mutsu Bay which is consisted of Shimokita and Tsugaru Peninsula. Tsugaru and Kennan District has a great difference by the climate. People in Aomori grow agricultural crops by taking an advantage of each district. Tsugaru District is active for growing rice and apples and Kennan District is active for growing vegetables and stockbreeding.

Aomori Prefecture is one of the great agricultural areas in Japan. The production volumes of Apples, Chinese Yam, Garlic, and Cassis take first place in Japan. The production volumes of Cherries and radish take second place in Japan. Sannohe and Shimokita District are famous for horses. The numbers of racehorses in Aomori take second place in Japan.

Food self-sufficiency on calorie basis in Aomori is over 100% (118%) as in Hokkaido, Iwate, Akita and Yamagata Prefecture. The total amount of vegetable products takes first place in Tohoku Area. Recently, Aomori is concentrating on flowers and organic agriculture. Moreover, the farmers try to make brand-name rice and to expand production by selling products from farm stands or by producing processed agricultural products.

It was in 1871 that Aomori Prefecture started to grow apples for the first time. Three apple trees are given to Aomori Prefecture from Department of Interior in Meiji Government and apple trees are cultivated on the premise at Aomori Prefectural Government. This is the origin of apples in Aomori. In 1931, the only Japanese Apple research institute was established in Kuroishi City and people built the status of Aomori apples by making exertions to grow apples over the years.

Nowadays, Aomori-brand apple called”Fuji” is the most produced apple in Japan and Aomori apples cover 50 % of total apple production in Japan. Aomori apples are exported to China, Taiwan and other Asian countries as high-quality products. The sugar concentration of Fuji is 14 to 16% and this percentage show that Fuji is very sweet. The storage period of Fuji is very long. You may keep it for four months at room temperature and seven months in the refrigerator.  Tsugaru District is active for apple cultivation but also in Nanbu District including Sannohe area and Kamikita area.

Aomori Prefecture tries to protect the environment and the water resource aggressively for Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing and also for the development of primary industry.


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