Aomori Tanaka Educational Academy
Aomori City,Aomori
030-0132 JAPAN

Aomori Prefecture is located northern tip of main island of Japan. Aomori is covered on three sides by Japan Sea, Pacific Ocean and Tsugaru Channel and is active for Fishery and Fishing Industry. Agriculture had achieved a great development by concentrated source of water from Mt. Hakkoda which belongs to Ouu Mountain range.

The water resource of Mt. Hakkoda gives a great support not only for Agriculture in Aomori or Fishery at Mutsu Bay but also for our health. The melt water from the mountain comes down to Aomori City and this water is highly valued as the best water in Japan.

Aomori is on Northern latitude of 41 degrees so that there is much snow in winter time. Some areas in Aomori are designated as heavy snowfall area.

Aomori is micro-thermal climate through the year and has short summer and much snow in winter. The complicated topography and ocean current such as mountain range, peninsula, Michinoku gulf, a climate make great differences in Tsugaru district (Tousei Area including Aomori City, Hirosaki City, Tsugaru City, Goshogawara City, Kuroishi City, Hirakawa City) and Kennan District(Hachinohe City, Towada City, Misawa City, Sannnohe area, Kamikita area) in the same prefecture.

In Tsugaru District, it has much snow with poor climate because the west and the northwest periodic wind excel by influence of a continent high atmospheric pressure in winter season. In Kennan District, it has a lot of days with fine weather and light snowfall compared to Tsugaru District even the chill is severe. In summer time, Kennan District has a lot of days with low temperature and is damaged by cold weather from coolly wet north easterly wind which called Yamase by a high atmospheric pressure which develops in the Northern Pacific.

However, Kennan District is active for growing vegetables using cool weather in summer. On the other hand, Tsugaru District has generally warm weather and has a lot of sunny days. Tsugaru District is Apple-growing district by such fine weather.

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