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The famous event in Aomori is “Nebuta Festival”for 6days from August 2nd to 7th every year. “Nebuta” is a huge stereoscopic lantern shaped as humans who are the basis for historical persons. Nebuta is made by bamboo, wood, wire and Japanese paper.

The electrical bulbs are placed in a lantern and people carry it with movable carriage. Nebuta beautifully appears in the night town. People also play instruments such as bamboo flutes, drums and bells. The participants called” Haneto” wear Yukata costume and dance at the festival. A total of 3 million tourists come to see Nebuta Festival every year.

There are different kinds of Nebuta Festival in each area in Aomori Prefecture. “Hirosaki Neputa” is fan shaped nebuta. People call it “NEPUTA” instead of Nebuta. In Goshogawara City, they make “Tachi-Nebuta” (Standing Nebuta) which is 20 meters height. Each city or town in Aomori hold their own Nebuta Festival and enjoy the short summer from July to August.

Shirakami mountain range is designated as first Japanese world natural heritage in 1993. Shirakami mountain range extends across Aomori and Akita Prefecture and 74% of mountain district belongs to Aomori Prefecture. Shirakami mountain range is protected as untouched nature. However, some places such as Anmon no Taki( Anmon Fall), Beech Forest and Mt. Futatsumori are maintained for visitors to make more convenient to visit Shirakami mountain range.

Aomori Prefecture has more scenic beauty such as Mt. Hakkoda, Mt. Iwaki and Hotokegaura at Shimokita peninsula. However, the most famous spot is Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge. Lake Towada is located in Towada Hachimantai National Park which is designated as a national monument. Oirase Gorge is headstream of Lake Towada. Many visitors come to enjoy the scenery of the autumn leaves at Oirase Gorge and Lake Towada.


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