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Plans for individual trip

5 days 4 nights

This is the course to enjoy Agricultural Experience in Towada City which has rich nature and Lake Towada and Modern Art. You can enjoy trekking on the side way of Oirase Gorge and visiting Lake Towada to feel graceful nature. After that, we recommend to visit Sannai Maruyama Site to see the knowledge of ancient people. In winter, you could see the snow corridor and you might find wild plants or animals at Mt. Hakkoda.

Access to Aomori: By Airplane at Aomori Airport
Transportation in Aomori: by Car, Bus
Accommodation Season: All Year but we recommend avoiding winter season.


Day 1

Arrival at Aomori Airport
(Aomori City)

There are regular flights from Haneda, Chubu International, Itami, Sapporo Airport and Incheon Airport in Korea.
Visiting Mt. Hakkoda
(Aomori City)
Hakkoda ropeway is located the north part of Hachimantai National Park in Towada. It takes about 40 minutes from Aomori City by car. The feature of Mt. Hakkoda is a high moor. Many dragonflies are seen in summer season and you can see a moor with flowers, broad plateau and many lakes. The foliage season arrives at the end of September, and many tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery until the end of October. In mid-October, it snows on the mountain and people may enjoy skiing from the beginning of December until the beginning of May. Mt. Hakkoda is also famous spot for soft rimes from January to February. The capacity of ropeway gondola is for 100 people. It takes about 10 minutes to the top of the mountain.The gondola is operated every 15 to 20 minutes.

Arrival at Towada City
Visiting Towada Art Center
(Towada City)

Towada art center (Towada-city Museum of Contemporary Art) is a community building which opened on April 26 in 2008 as base facilities in Arts Towada project. The place has 22 works by 21 domestic and abroad artists whom famous in field of contemporary art. The center had more than 10,000 visitors in 4 days just after its opening even though Towada-city is a small city of 66,000 people of population.The place is new tourist attraction of Aomori prefecture where is full of topics and fun.
Welcome Ceremony
(Towada Agricultural Experience Association)
Welcome Ceremony is the chance to meet your host-family for the first time. All people in the area welcome you to participate in agricultural experience. The organizer will introduce the area you will stay and explain home-stay and farm work at this ceremony.


Day 2

Agricultural Experience
Farm-stay Experience
Aomori Prefecture is active for Apple, Garlic, Chinese Yam and Burdock harvesting. You will also experience another vegetables harvesting, fruits planting, care and harvesting. You could feel how hard the farm work is but also you could learn the process of growing products you usually eat. You might impress and respect of your host-family’s work through this program. You also might have a chance to take care of cows, pigs and horses or help for handling of vegetables and fruits. You will experience to cook local dishes using local products and you can enjoy cooking and talking with your host-family. This program makes you happy and makes you feel fresh through hearty welcome of each area.
In winter time, you can experience Japanese Culture such as Snowball Fight, making Kamakura (looks like Igloo), and sleighing. Winter season might give you a chance to create some ideas to spend. After you stay outside, Kotatsu (Small table with the electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt) will warm you. You might feel relax and fun if you are in Kotatsu. Then you can enjoy talking with your host-family in Kotatsu. You also might experience wearing Kimono, listening to Japanese folk ballad, and traditional dance.


Day 3

Farewell ceremony
(Towada Agricultural Experience Association)
On the last day, you will attend Farewell Ceremony. This is the time to say goodbye to your host-family.
Please express your appreciation to your host-family or the organizer of this program.
Oirase Gorge walking
(Towada City)

Oirase Keiryu is the gorge which continues to Lake Towada. You can find several waterfalls and beauty spots and the scenery is different depending on seasons. You can enjoy watching beech trees, Japanese Judas trees, buckeye trees and beautiful water flow, variety shape of rocks and so on.

Lake Towada Boarding Pleasure Boat
(Towada City)

Lake Towada is a double caldera lake formed by the eruption of Towada Volcano. Towada Volcano has been designated an active volcano and the maximum depth of the lake is 327 meters which is the third deepest lake in Japan. The lake is deep blue and Senjoumaku cliff that reaches 220 meters is vigorous view. The attraction of cruising is to see the different scenery during all seasons.

Staying at the hotel
(Aomori City)
You can find many restaurants where you are able to have local dishes in the center of Aomori City.


Day 4

Leaving the hotel We recommend booking the hotel near Aomori Station and visiting fish market at the department store “AUGA”. The fish market is located on the first basement. You can find some restaurants where you could eat fresh seafood.
Visiting Sannai Maruyama Site
(Aomori City)
Sannai-Maruyama Site is the biggest settlement remains of Jomon period in Japan. This settlement was existed about 5500 to 4000 years ago. You an see this site during all seasons for free. The volunteer staffs explain about the site when you walk around the site. The excavation research was started in 1992 and the researchers found the remains of vertical caves housing, the graves of people in the settlement and pillar-supported structures. Those remains help to understand the situation of the settlement and the environment. Also Jomon pottery, stone implements, clay dolls, jade and other objects were found. Remains of plants such as gourds, burdock, beans and traces of chestnuts cultivation provide the new culture of Jomon period.Sannai-Maruyama Site was designated a special historic spot in Japan on November 2000.
Aomori Museum of Art
(Aomori City)
Aomori Museum of Art is located next to Sannai Maruyama Site and makes a contribution for Culture and Art activities of Aomori Prefecture. This museum expands not only the exhibition of paintings or sculptures but also movies, plays and music. You can find Shiko Munakata’s work (famous printmaker of Aomori) and the creation of Contemporary art designer, Yositomo Nara as a permanent exhibition. This museum also tries to share the museum projects with people in Aomori.
Aomori Cultural Exchange Center
Nebuta House“Wa Rasse”
(Aomori City)

This facility was just opened on January 5th, 2011. This place shows Nebuta (huge human-shaped lantern) exhibitions and history of Nebuta Festival which is designated as one of the biggest festival in Japan. You can experience Nebuta festival with being the participants called “Haneto” or the music called “Ohayashi”. Moreover there are some activities for painting or handcrafts. You can enjoy Nebuta Festival through the year with a lot of experiences in Wa Rasse. It only takes a minute from JR Aomori Station.

A-FACTORY (Aomori City)

A-FACTORY is opened near JR Aomori Station at the same time as the opening for Shin Aomori Station. A-Factory has variety of food stores and restaurants. On the first floor, you can see the factory of making apple sparkling wine called “Aomori Cidre” using famous Aomori apples through the glass. You can purchase Apple Cidre here and there are also non-alcohol sparkling apple wines so you can enjoy with your family to drink or you may taste the wine even you have to drive. There are also some restaurants you could taste Sushi, Barayaki (BBQ with onion and garlic), soup and sweets.

Staying at the hotel
(Aomori City)

We recommend booking the hotel near Aomori Station and visiting fish market at the department store “AUGA”. The fish market is located on the first basement. You can find some restaurants where you could eat fresh seafood.


Day 5

Aomori Shunmikan
Shopping (Aomori City)
Aomori Shunmikan has souvenir shops and restaurants in Shin Aomori Station. It was opened on December 4th, 2010 with the opening for Shin Aomori Station. You can taste famous tuna from Ooma Town called “Ooma Tuna”, ramen noodle with freshwater clams and Tsuyu Yakisoba (Soup with Yakisoba) which is famous for the local dish in Aomori. Also you can purchase variety of products using fresh vegetables or fruits. You could enjoy Aomori right after you arrive at Shin Aomori Station.
Aomori Fish and Vegetable Market(Aomori City)

This place provides “Nokke-Don” which is popular topic in Japan. Nokke-Don is rice bowl dish with fresh seafood on the top of rice. You could choose the filling for rice bowl dish at the market such as fresh tuna, scallop and sea egg. When you go to the restaurant and look at the menu, don’t you think that you would like to choose your favorites only? If you go to Aomori Fish and Vegetable Market, you could choose your favorite seafood for your own rice bowl dish. You can taste the best seafood rice bowl you ever had.

Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center“ASPAM"
Shopping (Aomori City)
ASPAM was opened as a spot to introduce products and local entertainment of Aomori Prefecture in 1986. The shape of ASPAM is the triangular appearance that modeled "A" which is an initial of Aomori and it becomes the landmark of Aomori City. You can find the souvenir shops, the observatory, the restaurants and the events of Tsugaru Shamisen at ASUPAM.
Departing form Aomori Airport
(Aomori City)
From Aomori Airport, there are regular flights to Haneda, Chubu International, Itami, Sapporo Airport and Incheon Airport in Korea.


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