Aomori Tanaka Educational Academy
Aomori City,Aomori
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Aomori Agricultural Experience Guide | 6 days 5 nights Summer Sample Itinerary

Plans for school excursion

6 days 5 nights

Summer(from August 2nd to 7th )
Nebuta Festival season


Day 1 Arrival at Aomori Airport
Farm-stay in Kuroishi City or Hirosaki City
※Due to the festival season, it is very hard to book the hotel in Aomori City.


Day 2 Morning: Welcome Ceremony for farm-stay and Agricultural Experience
Afternoon: Going for Nebuta Festival
Staying the night at Farmer’s house


Day 3 Agricultural Experience  
Staying the night at Farmer’s house  


day 4 Farewell Ceremony
Strolling the trail at Oirase Gorge
Experiencing Canadian Canoe at Utarube Camp site
Staying the night the hotel near Lake Towada


Day 5 Leaving the hotel
Visiting Sannai Maruyama Site that you can see history and remains from Jomon Period
Visiting Aomori Cultural Exchange Center “Wa・Rasse”, A-Factory (Souvenir shop), Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center “Aspam”

Staying the night in Aomori City


Day 6 Staying the night in Aomori City
Leaving Aomori Airport to go back to your country  


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