Aomori Tanaka Educational Academy
Aomori City,Aomori
030-0132 JAPAN

Plans for school excursion

7 days 6 nights

Autumn(from the end of October)
Fall foliage season


Day 1 Arrival at Aomori Airport
Staying the night at Aomori City  


Day 2 Leaving Aomori City  
Visiting Aomori Cultural Exchange Center “Wa・Rasse”
You can experience traditional festival in Aomori City.
Shopping at fancy souvenir shop “A-Factory”
Visiting Sannai Maruyama Site that you can see history and remains from Jomon Period.
Staying the night in Aomori City  


Day 3 Leaving Aomori City  
Strolling the trail at Oirase Gorge
Visiting Utarube Camping Site
This camping site is located to lakeside of Lake Towada and you can experience Canadian canoe.
Staying the night at the hotel near Lake Towada  


Day 4 Leaving the hotel  
Moving to Kuroishi City  
Welcome Ceremony for farm-stay in Kuroishi City
Staying the night at Farmer’s house  


  Day 5 Experiencing farm work (Apple picking, cooking with apples etc…)
Staying the night at farmer's house  


Day 6 Farewell Ceremony  
Visiting Nakano Momijiyama to see autumn leaves
Visiting Apple Research Station
Visiting Kawahigashi Apple Grading Center
Staying the night in Aomori City  


Day 7 Leaving the hotel  
Leaving Aomori Airport to go back to your country  


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