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 Agricultural Experience in Aomori, Japan

1. Features of Agricultural Experience in Aomori Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture is surrounded east, west and north by sea, and it has the largest amount of landing seafood such as tunas, scallops and squids in Japan. Aomori is also famous for apples, garlic, Chinese yam, tomatoes and cassis cultivation.

Aomori is on Northern latitude of 41 degrees as New York and has much snow in winter. There is Ouu mountain range in the center of Aomori Prefecture and it affects the amount of snowfall in each district. However the agriculture in Aomori had developed by taking an advantage of each district. Especially Aomori city is famous for heaviest snow as a city of 300,000 populations in the world. However the land had successfully developed by producing 90% of Japanese gross domestic product of cassis.

Food self-sufficiency in Aomori is 118% even Aomori has chilly climate through the year. Moreover, the total volumes of vegetable productions in Aomori take first place in Tohoku Area of Japan.

In recent years, “Green Tourism” is caught on all over the world. Aomori Green Tourism is described as a tour to enjoy rural life through farm-stay and farm work.

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Agricultural Experience Index

  1. Features of Agricultural Experience in Aomori Prefecture
  2. What is Green Tourism?
  3. The schedule of farm-stay
  4. Necessary items for farm experience
  5. The terms of harvesting
  6. Charges for farm-stay in Aomori Prefecture
  7. About the insurance during farm-stay

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