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 Agricultural Experience in Aomori, Japan

3. The schedule of farm-stay

1.Welcome people from all over the country to Aomori!

There are several ways to come to Aomori Prefecture. Please consider the suitable way for you. Please check here for details.

⇒Access to Aomori Prefecture

2. Making a fresh tour in seasons

You can see the cherry blossoms blooming in spring. You become excited to see Nebuta at night in summer. You get to see the passionate colored leaves in the mountain in autumn. You are impressed that there is snow as far as the eye can see. This is all about Aomori Prefecture and you can enjoy everything in Aomori.

⇒Sightseeing spots in Aomori Prefecture
⇒Sample itinerary in Aomori Prefecture

3. Welcome Ceremony (Meeting your host-family)

If you experience farm-stay as a group, you will meet your host-family at Welcome Ceremony. If you do individually, your host-family will pick you up at the nearest station. Please get to know each other at the first contact.

⇒Host-families in Aomori Prefecture


Your host-family will not treat you as a guest. You will become a part of this family. Please enjoy farm work or cooking with your host-family. You can make special memories you ever had.

⇒Charges for farm-stay in Aomori Prefecture

5. Experience of Harvesting and Japanese Culture

Host-families make different kinds of vegetables or fruits. The contents of farm work are different in seasons. They will suggest you the suitable farm work with you. If the weather is not good or there is not much farm work like in winter, you can experience Japanese culture with them.

⇒The terms of harvesting

6. Farewell Ceremony

Farewell ceremony is the time to say goodbye to your host-family and the time to express your appreciation to your host-family. Your experience will help you in your future.

7. Going for sightseeing and shopping with staying at a hotel or a hotel with hot spring

Aomori Prefecture has many good quality of hot springs and also has many hotels or ryokan with hot springs. We would suggest you to take a bath and relieve the weariness of the journey. If you stay in the city, you can enjoy shopping and can find something only is sold in Aomori.
⇒Sightseeing spots in Aomori Prefecture
⇒Sample itinerary in Aomori Prefecture

8. Return to your country

Did you buy enough souvenirs for your family or friends? But please do not buy those too much! The baggage allowance is very strict in Japan. You may not able to take items with you or have to pay extra charge under the regulation. We will introduce the information of the luggage at the airport.

⇒Baggage Allowance at the airport

The responsibility of Farmers or Farmer’s association is from 3 to 6 as seen above.
If you would like to go for sightseeing or shopping, the arrangement should be done by yourself or the travel agency.
The schedule might be changed due to the situation of host-families or Farmer’s Association. Please check with them directly for details.

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Agricultural Experience Index

  1. Features of Agricultural Experience in Aomori Prefecture
  2. What is Green Tourism?
  3. The schedule of farm-stay
  4. Necessary items for farm experience
  5. The terms of harvesting
  6. Charges for farm-stay in Aomori Prefecture
  7. About the insurance during farm-stay

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Please check the website of each transport facilities for details. We accept the consultation, arrangement and also the arrangement of the interpreter of your trip .

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