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 Agricultural Experience in Aomori, Japan

5. The terms of harvesting

You can experience different kinds of harvesting in Aomori Prefecture.
The harvesting season for famous Apples and Chinese yam is from October to November, for garlic is in October, for cherries is from mid June to mid July, for grapes is from mid September to mid October, for rice is from mid September to mid October. Each harvesting takes approximately an hour. (except for a special case).

Examples of farm work

Spring・・・Rice planting, Fruit thinning, Vegetables planting

Summer・・・Garlic harvesting, Fruits harvesting

Autumn・・・Harvesting rice, vegetables, fruits and wild plants, Chestnut picking

冬…Winter・・・Harvesting vegetables in greenhouse, Strawberry picking


Cultural Experience (in winter season) ・・・Wearing Kimono, making rice cake, playing with sled, flower arrangement and tea ceremony

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Agricultural Experience Index

  1. Features of Agricultural Experience in Aomori Prefecture
  2. What is Green Tourism?
  3. The schedule of farm-stay
  4. Necessary items for farm experience
  5. The terms of harvesting
  6. Charges for farm-stay in Aomori Prefecture
  7. About the insurance during farm-stay

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