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 Agricultural Experience in Aomori, Japan

6. Charges for farm-stay in Aomori Prefecture

Charge for Farm-Stay including 3 meals
for one night per person

JPY 8400~(Tax free)

Charge for Farm-Stay including 5 meals
for two nights per person

JPY16500~(Tax free )

· Details for 3 meals: 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast and 1 Lunch
· Details for 5 meals: 2 Dinner, 2 Breakfast and 1 Lunch
· Charges of farm-stay are included the transportation service to the nearest station or the bus stop.
· You can arrange the contents or the terms of your farm-stay. Charges will be changed depending on the terms
· The contents of farm work or culture experiences are different depending on seasons or the host-families.
· Charges will not be changed in order to the different contents of farm work or culture experiences in seasons.
· Host-family are not able to take you to shopping or sightseeing for your private purposes during your farm-stay due to the regulation.
· The charges are fixed. There is no discount for the students.
· You may not able to pay the charges by credit card

You have to make a group with 3 to 5 people when you stay at farmer’s house.
If the teachers or the tour conductor would like to check each house, the farmer’s association can arrange the transportation.

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Agricultural Experience Index

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  2. What is Green Tourism?
  3. The schedule of farm-stay
  4. Necessary items for farm experience
  5. The terms of harvesting
  6. Charges for farm-stay in Aomori Prefecture
  7. About the insurance during farm-stay

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