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 Agricultural Experience in Aomori, Japan

7. About the insurance during farm-stay

Just in case you have an accident or get injured during your home-stay, your host-family or Association of farm-say takes the training for safety planning and purchases accident insurance. Therefore you can enjoy hour home-stay safe and comfortable

※The contents of insurance are different depending on host-families or associations. If you would like to know for details, please contact us before you come to Aomori.
※Please note that if the accidents occur due to your fault or if you make a cause of the accident intentionally, we are not taking the responsibility.
※We recommend you to purchase traveler’s insurance or the insurance which covers the accidents or the injury in Japan.

Agricultural Experience Index

  1. Features of Agricultural Experience in Aomori Prefecture
  2. What is Green Tourism?
  3. The schedule of farm-stay
  4. Necessary items for farm experience
  5. The terms of harvesting
  6. Charges for farm-stay in Aomori Prefecture
  7. We accept the consultation of the trip

We accept the consultation of the trip

Please check the website of each transport facilities for details. We accept the consultation, arrangement and also the arrangement of the interpreter of your trip.

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