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This page will introduce excellent recipes using local products in Aomori.
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recipe apple  
This page is to introduce observed traditional dishes in Aomori Prefecture.
recipe apple  
This page introduces recomendation Asian recipes.
recipe apple  
Apple production takes fist place in Japan and it is known all over the world.
Apples are famous not only for table fruit but also the ingredient of sweets.
recipe chinese yam   chinese yam
Chinese Yam has much nutrition such as protein, mineral, Vitamin B1 and dietary fiber. There are many ways to cook Chinese Yam.  
recipe garlic   garlic
Garlic is eaten or cooked as nutritional fortification. It has much vitamin and mineral. Garlic power helps you to overcome inappetence and fatigue.  
recipe casis   casis
The term that you could get fresh cassis is limited however an anthocyanin and the polyphenol have a great effect on stiff shoulder, feeling of cold and eyestrain.  
recipe shell   shell
Scallop which is caught at Mutsu Bay is specialty product in Aomori and dried scallop eyes are exported all over the world. Aomori scallops are smaller than the scallops from outer sea but the flavor ingredient is concentrated in the scallops.  
recipe others   others
This topic shows variety of recipes using local products in Aomori.  


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