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 This page introduces the agricultural experiences by the students from foreign countries in Aomori Prefecture.

Aug 2010
The students from Overseas Chinese University, Taiwan enjoyed Green Tourism in Aomori Prefecture.

The students and the faculty members from Overseas Chinese University visited Aomori Prefecture from July 31st to August 13th, 2010. They enjoyed Green Tourism including farm stay and rural experiences.

They experienced farm stay in Shichinohe Town and also in Kuroishi City. Schinohe Town and Kuroishi City belong to the different area in Aomori Prefecture so that they could experience the different customs in Nanbu and Tsugaru. This experience made them to know more about Japan and also understand more about Aomori Prefecture.

In Shichinohe City, they enjoyed the famous and rare experience: Watermelon Splitting, and Catching weatherfish. Catching watherfish is hardly experienced by Japanese people these days. In Kuroishi City, they experience Japanese culture such as Tea Ceremony and Koto (Japanese Harp). They could experience something special that they could not experience in Taiwan.

It was the third time that Oversea Chinese University visits Aomori Prefecture but it was the first time to visit Shichinohe Town. They were very impressed about the hospitality from their host family and being treated like their real family. Some of the students promised to come back and said farewell to their host family with tears.

Aomori City has a famous festival called “Nebuta festival” from August 2nd to 7th every year and they just visited Aomori City in the same season. Nebuta festival is designated as three biggest festivals in Japan and total of 300 tourists visit Aomori City. They visited Nebuta festival and enjoyed watching. They could feel excitement to see big human shaped lantern appears in the night and people in beautiful costumes called “Haneto”. It must be unforgettable memory of the summer in Aomori City.

May 2010
The students from Thai-Nchi Institute of Technology (TNI) visited Aomori and enjoyed Green Tourism.

The students from Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) visited Aomori and participated in summer camp at Aomori Chuo Gakuin University (ACGU) from May 2nd to May 30th.

TNI was established as the university where teaches manufacturing in Bangkok. Most of the students who came to Aomori study Japanese in the university. They learned Japanese at ACGU almost everyday and also attend cultural activities.


TNI students visited Lake Towada, Misawa aviation and Science Museum, Aomori, Rokkasho Visitors Center, and Hirosaki Castle. They also visited Seiryuji Temple (famous for the statue of Buddha in Aomori City) to participate in cleaning volunteer activity. They were very excited to have the exchange activity with Aomori Minami High School students who belong to Language Department. They could spend precious time with the students at Aomori Minami High School because they tried to communicate with the students in Japanese.

TNI students experienced farm stay hosted by Towada Agricultural Experience Association and enjoyed Green Tourism in Towada City. The time their visit was the peak of rice harvesting and the students worked very hard for helping their host family and enjoyed harvesting.

Most of the students are from Bangkok that is the big city in Thailand. They had never experienced the agriculture so that they were excited to experience farm work and farm stay.
They eat rice as a main diet in their country so that they have more interest for the process of growing rice and the difference of farming between Thailand and Japan.

Apr 2010
The students from Kasetsart University Laboratory School came to Aomori as school excursion and enjoyed Green Tourism.

The students from Kasetsart University Laboratory School came to Aomori and experienced Green Tourism including farm stay and agriculture from April 17th to 27th in 2010.

They visited Nanbu Town and experienced farm stay organized by “Tassha-Mura” which is the association of farm stay in Nanbu Town. They experienced caring famous fruits in Nanbu town and land cleaning for Chinese yam in Aomori had just welcomed spring.


Moreover, they experienced Tea Ceremony and making “Soba Kakke” (flat soba noodles with garlic and miso) which is traditional dish in Nanbu Area. In Hirosaki City, they listened to the music by Tsugaru Shamisen (a guitar with three strings) and dye the fabric. They learned Japanese Language at the university for 2 days and they could get cultural knowledge about Japan though those activities.

Jan 2010
The students of Kaohsiung Municipal Yang-Ming Junior High School from Taiwan came to Aomori and experienced farm stay.

Kaohsiung Municipal Yang-Ming Junior High School is the biggest Junior High School in Kaohsiung City and 18 members including Principal visited Aomori from January 27th to 29th in 2010.

Their itinerary included Tokyo, Hokkaido and Aomori. They visited Aomori for 3 days and experienced farm stay in Towada City. It was the winter season so that they enjoyed cultural activities with their host families.


It was the first time to see snow for most of the students and they tied to skiing, sleigh and making snowman. They also experienced some farm works such as planting wild plants in a plastic greenhouse and cooking some local dishes with their host family. In addition they visited junior high school in Towada City and Japanese students showed Kendo (a form of fencing using bamboo swords) and also the students participated in the practice of Kendo with Japanese students. They really enjoyed the exchange program with Japanese students.


Oct 2009
The group of high school students from Thailand visited Aomori and enjoyed Green Tourism.

18 high school students from Bangkok, Thailand came to Aomori Prefecture as a school excursion from October 21st to 31st in 2009.

They visited many sightseeing spot in Aomori prefecture and also visited Towada City and experienced farm stay and farm work organized by Towada Agricultural Experience Association. They went back to Thailand with full of memories and knowledge through the experience of rural life and Japanese culture.


Aomori Chuo Gakuin University has Language Support Center and the international students contribute to Aomori Prefecture as interpreters, lecturers and participants for the events. Thai students also participate in Green Tourism for supporting the group during their stay actively and become a bridge between the students and host families.



According to the feedback from the group, they answered that the most interesting activity or experience was “Agricultural Experience” and “Farm Stay”. This feedback proved that they could feel joy and a sense of fulfillment with their host families even they have the difficulties with language and culture differences.

They experienced fresh Apple picking and saw the colorful autumn leaves at Towada Quasi-national Park. Aomori is not known by many people compared to Tokyo or Osaka but they were inspired by the nature and warm welcome from people in Aomori.

It was our first time to accept the group from Thailand as school excursion in Aomori. The activities of this group were reported by the media widely in Aomori and it became the contribution to expand the acknowledgement of Green Tourism in Aomori.


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