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 Agricultural Experience in Aomori, Japan

Shinkainsen line had extended to Aomori Prefecture!

It takes ONLY 3 HOURS from Tokyo to Aomori! We would like to introduce new sightseeing spots and how to enjoy Aomori.
Check this out!

Enjoy the latest style of sightseeing in Aomori!

Aomori Prefecture is now concentrating on tourism industry due to the extension Shinkansen line to Shin Aomori Station. There are several events and new spots in Aomori City and everyone expects that Aomori City would become an exciting spot. If you want to taste delicious dishes at fancy restaurants in Aomori or if you cannot think of any except for apples in Aomori,
this information will be very convenient for you.

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Advanced Green Tourism in Towada

Don’t you want to spend your time in majestic nature and relieve your stress?
If you come to Lake Towada, you can relish the peace.
And you can wash your mind through the activities.
We would like to introduce you high quality of Green Tourism which is matched with moderate and severe nature in Aomori.

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Be refreshed with rich green of beach trees at the world heritage, Shirakami Mountain Range

The climbing trails in Shirakami Mountain Range are barely maintained because of the protection of the environment of Shirakami Mountain Range after the registration as a heritage. It is not easy to enter the center of the mountain due to the regulation and the restriction. Also you need an extremely high technique to climb the mountains.
However, there are some areas and facilities that you may learn about the heritage and experience the trekking near the primary forest. This page will show you the detail of the facilities and activities.

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The edge of Main Island of Japan! Shimokita Peninsula

I understand that you feel Aomori Prefecture is very far from central Tokyo in Japan. When you hear “Shimokita Peninsula”, you might not be able to think how long it takes to get there. On December, 2010, Shinkansen line had been extended to Shin Aomori station and the transportation became more convenient. Shimokita Peninsula has many beautiful places as Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge. Also Shimokita Peninsula is famous for fishery. Please come and see additional sightseeing spots!

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We accept the consultation of the trip

Please check the website of each transport facilities for details. We accept the consultation, arrangement and also the arrangement of the interpreter of your trip.
·Arranging the itinerary and accepting the consultation for FREE.
·Sorts of arrangements for FREE.
·Introducing travel agents or farmer’s association for your farm-stay for FREE.

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