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 Agricultural Experience in Aomori, Japan

Advanced Green Tourism in Towada

Don’t you want to spend your time in majestic nature and relieve your stress?
We would like to introduce you high quality of Green Tourism which is matched with moderate and severe nature in Aomori.

Mt. Hakkoda is covered with much snow.
People enjoy skiing or snowboarding with
powdered snow.

The leaves turn burning red at Mt. Hakkoda
from the middle of October until November.

This is a picture of Oirase Gorge.
The walking pass is maintained.

South Hakkoda·Breathtaking scenery of nature

Mt. Hakkoda is a volcanic mountain range that lies to the south of Aomori City. Hakkoda mountain range is located in Towada Hachimantai National Park. This park belongs to Aomori, Akita and Iwate Prefectures.

People call this park as “Museum of volcano” because this park includes volcanic group of Mt. Hakkoda, Lake Towada and Hachimantai.

There are several hot springs which have the different qualities of springs in the park. Therefore this place is also famous for one of the hot spring spots in Japan.

The area which is located south at Mt. Hakkoda is famous spot as fall foliage and many visitors come to this area to see the beautiful scenery of each season such as Lake Towada, Oirase Gorge throughout the year.

Oirase Keiryu (Oirase Gorge) is 14 kilo meters river from Lake Towada. You can sees several waterfalls or scenic beauty at the gorge.

Oirase Gorge is designated as national beauty spot or natural treasure. You can enjoy trekking, drawing and taking pictures at Oirase Gorge.

South Hakkoda is the place of charm and we would like to introduce how to spend at Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge.


Towada Hachimantai National Park (Website of Environment Ministry)

Hakkoda Ropeway Co., Ltd.

The water is very clear so that you can see
the bottom of the lake.

You will have a best support from
the instructors.

You have a good time with drinking
hot tea and having some snacks.

North Village has Pizza restaurant
on the first floor. You can experience
cooking hearth-baked pizza.

The view from the surface of the lake and the activity at Lake Towada.

You feel stress from busyness of your life, commuter rush and the pressure from your work. You realized that you are so tired everyday. You turn off the TV to avoid the noise but you hear the traffic noise and dog’s barking outside.
If you come to Lake Towada, you can relish the peace,
and can wash your mind through the activities.

Let’s travel around Lake Towada with a canoe. You can see the different view from usual. You can relax in your canoe on weveless water and enjoy your moment.
“North Village” is the shop where you can apply for the canoe. They have a theme that is “The more you take your time, the more you can enjoy”. They will provide the wonderful tour at Lake Towada.

If you are scared of water or you cannot swim, don’t worry! Wearing life jacket is required for everyone and the tour guide teaches you how to operate the canoe and support you paddling. You can enjoy making a canoe trip even if you try it as a first time and you are not athletic.

It takes about 3 hours for canoe trip including the lecture before we start. During the tour, we dock the canoes at the spot where you can find untouched nature. We could enjoy having hot tea and snack. In summer time, you can spend your time on the land or on the canoe with listening to bird singing, or feeling the nature. You can enjoy the different style to observe Lake Towada.

A canoe trip

Terms: April 29th to November 3rd.
Time: 8:30AM to 12:50PM (about 3 hours)
Minimum number of the participants: 2 (2 people in a canoe )
Maximum number of the participants: 40 (need to contact with the instructors)
Age: Over 4 years old
Charges: For Adults JPY5250, For Children JPY4200 (including tax and insurance)


North Village CO., Ltd.

11-253, Tochikubo, Okuse, Towada City, Aomori 034-0301
TEL 0176-70-5977 FAX 0176-70-5988

The atmosphere is very fantastic
at the festival.

Please enjoy the local dishes
to warm your body!

You can enjoy the events and
amusement attraction everyday.

Pageant of the light and snow, Snow and Light Fantavista

The area including Lake Towada has much snow every year. You can enjoy the festival with snow and lights in February. The place which is covered by snow has many snow statues and you can see those in lights at night. This event also set off the fireworks every night during the season and you can enjoy fantastic view at Lake Towada.

You can find snow dome that local people serve traditional dishes and beverages. You are also able to listen to the music by Tsugaru Shamisen.

There are some workshops for students every day so that they can enjoy their activities with their parents. It will be convenient if you book the hotel in advance because some hotels are closed during winter season. (You can check the information on the website of Snow and Light Fantavista.)


Snow and Light Fantavista at Lake Towada (by Association of Lake Towada National Park)

486, Yasumiya, Towadakohan, Okuse, Towada City, Aomori
Tel 0176-75-2425 (Japanese Only)


The road traffic is rerouted during winter time because of the snow.
Please check the traffic information in advance.

Aomori Road Information Site “Aomori Michi Jouhou“

Kanchogai Street that Towada Art Center
is facing is one of the famous spot of
Cherry Blossoms.

There are many unique exhibitions
that everyone can enjoy.

You can see a huge art space outside
the museum.

Touch to contemporary art at Towada Art Center

Towada Art Center was opened as a project of the promotion for the community renovation of Towada City in 2008.

There are 22 permanent exhibitions of 21 various artists in the museum and outside. This museum exceeded 10,000 visitors 4 days after its opening and has attracted attention as a new sightseeing spot.

The exhibitions are mostly made by young artists from Asian Countries. This museum not only shows the exhibitions of art but also promote the exchange or the support of the activities which is related to art. This museum is also open for people in the community so that everyone can join the projects.

The outside museum called “Outdoor Art and Culture Zone” is established in spring, 2010. The museum planed to see the street as a museum by art exhibitions so that the visitors have a chance to see arts more easily.


Towada Art Center

10-9, Nishi Nibancho, Towada city, Aomori 034-0082, JAPAN
TEL 0176-20-1127 FAX 0176-20-1138

Opening hours:
Exhibition area 9:00AM to 5:00PM (the entrance is closed at 4:30PM)
Resting area 9:00AM to 5:30PM (Last order at Café is 5:00PM)
Close: on Monday (If Monday is the holiday, Tuesday will be closed)
Fee: JPY500 (Free charge for high school students and younger)

You can see idyllic scenery in front of
the store.

Gelato of pumpkin and caramel.
This is very delicious!!

On the way back from Lake Towada. Take a break with superlative sweets.

There is Gelato store called “NAMIKI” at Kaneko Farm in Shichinohe Town. It takes about an hour from Lake Towada, and takes bout 20 minutes from Shinkansen Shichinohe-Towada Station.

NAMIKI is opened in August, 2010 and belongs to Kaneko Farm. You can find European-style building in zelkova trees.

You can purchase the product from Kaneko Farm such as Beef Jerky. However the most popular product is milk gelato which is provided by Jersey cattle.

Gelato which is made with fresh milk and vegetables has 12 varieties. The menu changes with season but you can enjoy the different tastes throughout the year.

Kaneko Farm Hand-made Gerato “NAMIKI”

69, Tatenogashira, Shichinohe town, Kamikita-gun, Aomori
TEL 0176-62-2646

Opening hours: AM10:00-PM17:00 everyday
※temporary closing

Enjoy! New Aomori Style Index

We accept the consultation of the trip

Please check the website of each transport facilities for details. We accept the consultation, arrangement and also the arrangement of the interpreter of your trip.
·Arranging the itinerary and accepting the consultation for FREE.
·Sorts of arrangements for FREE.
·Introducing travel agents or farmer’s association for your farm-stay for FREE.

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