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Advanced Green Tourism in the world heritage, Shirakami Mountain Range

Would you like to spend your relaxed time in majestic nature?
We would introduce you high quality of Green Tourism which is matched with moderate and severe nature in Aomori.

Be refreshed with rich green of beach trees at the world heritage, Shirakami Mountain Range

In 1993, Shirakami Mountain Range was one of the first sites chosen to be a world heritage site in Japan with Horyuji Temple, Himeji Castle and Yakushima. The total area of Shirakami Mountain Range is about 130,000 hectares and 74% of total area (about 17,000 hectares) is located in Aomori Prefecture. This place is one of the important sightseeing spots in Aomori Prefecture.

The climbing trails are barely maintained because of the protection of the environment of Shirakami Mountain Range after the registration as a heritage. It is not easy to enter the center of the mountain due to the regulation and the restriction. Also you need an extremely high technique to climb the mountains.

However, there are some areas and facilities that you may learn about the heritage and experience the trekking near the primary forest.
This page will show you the detail of the facilities and activities.

※Please be aware that there are many routes closed in winter season. Please check the information of the routes and hours of opening of the facilities carefully.

Let’s get some information! Shirakami Visitor Center

This facility has several of educational items about Shirakami Mountain Range such as visual study or books. This place also introduces the information of trekking courses and a paid guide who is the professional about the mountains. (It takes about 1 hour and a half to 6 hours and a half. The price is JPY13, 000 to JPY35, 000 with a guide. The price will change depending on the level of trekking courses and the numbers of people in a group. )

Please make your plan after you gather appropriate information at Shirakami Visitor Center.


Shirakami Visitor Center

61-1, Kanda, Tashiro, Nisimeyamura, Aomori 036-1411 Japan
TEL 0172-85-2810 FAX 0172-85-2833

Opening hours:
July 1st to October 31st 8:00AM to 5:00PM
November 1st to June 30th 9:00AM to 4:30PM
Closed: April to December ・・・ on Monday of the second week (If Monday is holiday, they are closed on the next day.)
※They are closed on Monday of the fourth week in August.
January to March・・・ on Monday and Thursday
(If those days are in holiday, they are closed in the next day.)
December 29th until January 3rd (New Year holiday)
Fee: Free (It will charge you if you use the screen)

The surface of the water glows
with ultramarine by the light of the sun.

This facility has hot spring
building on its property.

Ultramarine surface, Aoike (Blue pond), Juuniko (Lake Juuni)

・Aoike (Blue pond)
Lake Juuni is the genetic name of several lakes at the site of Shirakami Mountain Range. Aoike is one of the lakes and the surface of the water is glowing with the cobalt blue by the light from the sun. This scenery is very famous and it attracts many visitors. The depth of Aoike is about 9 meters and the water comes from under the ground. This lake is also mysterious because it is not proved why the surface of this like is blue.

You need 10 minutes walk from Juuniko Visitor Center to reach Aoike. Lake Juuni area welcomes the spring earlier than the other areas in Shirakami Mountain Range so that you may enjoy nature of Shirakami through the trekking around the lakes. The trekking in this area is for the beginners or people who are not confidence with their stamina.

・Awone Shirakami Juuniko

Awone Shirakami Juuniko is the accommodation facility. They have hot spring and they provide some activities in nature. You may also arrange the guide for the trekking at Lake Juuni.


Awone Shirakami Juuniko

14, Shimo Hamamatsu, Matsukami, Fukaura-town, Nishi Tsugaru-gun, Aomori, 038-2206 JAPAN

You could enjoy local dishes
with reasonable price

You may try to make the
local sweet “Sasamochi”.
※Sasamochi is a rice cake with
bean jam covered with bamboo leaf.

Enjoy the tastes of local dishes at the foot of Shirakami Mountain Range

The area of Shirakami Mountain Range which belongs to Aomori Prefecture straggles three municipalities; Fukaura Town, Ajigasawa Town and Nishimeya Village. Especially Fukaura Town and Ajigasawa Town are rich in sumptuous feast because those towns are located between the mountains and the ocean. The local dishes using variety of local products have come down from one generation to another. The wild plan called “Mizu” and bamboo shoot are preserved by traditional way so that people in Aomori are able to enjoy the local dish using those through the year. Also you could taste fresh seafood such as squid and codfish.

Umihiko Yamahiko House is located on the ground of Awone Shirakami Juuniko. This facility is convenient to access Lake Juuni. You could enjoy the local dishes with rich ingredients from East coast and the mountains. The local dishes are served by Woman’s group in this area.

Moreover, Umihiko Yamahiko House has the function of training so that this place is suitable for educational use.

・Menu for lunch and activity JPY 2500~

※The activity will change depending on seasons.


Shirakami Umihiko Yamahiko Hall

33-25, Shimo Hamamatsu, Matsukami, Fukaura-Town, Nishi Tsugaru-gun, Aomori, 038-2206 JAPAN
TEL 0173-84-5225 FAX 0173-84-5334

This is the view of Japanese
Canyon from the car.

The cliff “Japan Canyon” at foot of Shirakami Mountain

Japan Canyon is located in Oku Juuniko and one of the famous spots in Aomori. This place does not belong to Shirakami Mountain Range however you could see the cliff with beech trees.

This cliff is called “Japan Canyon” because the tuff which was eroded by the wind looks similar to Grand Canyon in the United State.

The accurate petrogenesis is not clarified. One theory says that this cliff can be the trace of glacier.

Visiting Japanese Canyon is included in the round tour of Lake Juuni, but you can enjoy its scenery from motoring road.

Sunset at west coast

Sunset at East Coast

Since a dog “Wasao”had become famous by the blog on the internet, many visitors have been coming to west coast area in Aomori Prefecture. This area has been long known for the sunset and is popular for beautiful drive way.

Hot springs are famous in Japan and the hot spring called “Furoufushi Onsen” is one of the famous hot springs in Aomori. This hot spring facility is facing the sea coast and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset from the open-air spa. They also have the hot spring inside the building and you can take a panoramic view of west coast. They have the variety of accommodation plans such as the plan with transportation service from Shin Aomori Station.


Furoufushi Onsen (Hot Spring for Immortality)

15, Shimo Kiyotaki, Henashi, Fukaura town, Nishi Tsugaru-gun, Aomori 038-2327, Japan
TEL 0173-74-3500 (代) FAX 0173-74-3540

Access to Shirakami Mountain Range

Taking the train ”Resort Shirakami” by JR

・Connection from Tohoku Shinkansen
You can transfer to Resort Shirakami train at Shin Aomori Station.
If you stay in Aomori City, you can go to Aomori Station to catch Resort Shirakami train.

・Connection from Akita Shinkansen
You can transfer to Resort Shirakami train at Akita Station.

The route of Resort Shirakami train
Aomori⇔Hirosaki⇔Ajigasawa⇔(The area of Shirakami Mountain Range・Lake Juuni・West coast area)⇔Lake Juuni⇔Akita

JR East Japan introduces the events and plans to enjoy Shirakami Mountain Range. Please check for the details⇒

Access by car

It takes about 2 hours from NEXCO East Japan Oowani・Hirosaki Interchange.
※It takes about 3 to 4 hours from Aomori Airport due to the traffic condition.
It takes about an hour from NEXCO East Japan Noshiro Minami Interchange.
※It takes about 2 or 3 hours from Oodate Noshiro Airport due to the traffic condition.

・To person who is considering a visit by car
We recommend you to get the traffic information for Shirakami Mountain Range in advance. The traffic condition changes depending on seasons or precipitation.

Aomori Road Information Site “Aomori Michi Jouhou“(Japanese Only)

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