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I understand that you feel Aomori Prefecture is very far from central Tokyo in Japan. When you hear “Shimokita Peninsula”, you might not be able to think how long it takes to get there. On December, 2010, Shinkansen line had been extended to Shin Aomori station and the transportation became more convenient. Shimokita Peninsula has many beautiful places as Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge. Also Shimokita Peninsula is famous for fishery. Please come and see additional sightseeing spots!


Hotokegaura is located in Sai Village at Shimokita Peninsula and is the sea coast that odd-shaped rocks are connected over 2 kilometers. This place is designated as National monument. It takes about 1 hour and a half from Mutsu City and it takes about 3 hours and a half from Aomori City. Yes, it is far away. However, you can find something different from main spots in Aomori Prefecture. You can take pleasure boat from Sai Village port. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Hotokegaura. When you get close to the sea coast of Hotokegaura, you can see magnificent cliff in your sight. The guide stays at Hotokegaura and he explains about the cliff. You can see giant rocks in close distance at the coast. Each rock is named after Buddha and you can feel something mystic when you see the shape of those rocks. There is a rock shaped like an eagle and it really looks like a real eagle resting on the rock.

If you would like to go to Hotokegaura in less time, you can take fast ship from the port near JR Aomori Station. Please check the website for details.
It takes about 2 hours and you need to transfer at Sai Village port to go to Hotokegaura.

※Time table may change without proper notice. Please check with the operation company in advance.

If you drive close to Hotokegaura, there is a parking lot beside the street. From the parking lot, walking path is continued all the way to Hotokagaura. If you have a confident in your physical strength, you can try to take this walking path.
There are some wooden walking sticks at the entrance of walking path. On the way down, there is the resting spot as well.




Hotokegaura, Nuidouishi, Chougo, Sai mura, Shimokita-gun, Aomori 039-4712

Pleasure boats bound for Hotokegaura are operated from Sai Village port and Wakinosawa port.
It takes about 30 minutes to stay at Hotokegaura.
Please check the website of operation companies to see time tables.


Tsugaru Channel Culture Center “Arusas”

112, Oosai, Sai, Sai mura, Shimokita-gun, Aomori 039-4711
TEL: 0175-38-4513
※It takes about 1 hour and a half from Mutsu City by car.

Hotokegaura Kaijo Kanko(Sai port~Hotokegaura~Sai port) (Japanese Only)

Sai Teiki Kanko Co.,Ltd.(Sai port~Hotokegaura~Sai port) (Japanese Only)

Sii Line Co., Ltd.(Wakinosawa port~Hotokegaura~Wakinosawa port、Ushitaki port~Hotokegaura~Ushitaki port) (Japanese Only)
※ Time tables may change without proper notice. Please check with the operation company in advance.

Cape Ooma

Ooma Town is a famous place for Tuna. Tuna from Ooma Town is traded at a very high price at Tsukiji Market (a famous fish market in Tokyo). Ooma Tuna is one of the famous products of Aomori Prefecture. Cape Ooma is located Ooma town. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Mutsu City. In front of Cape Ooma, there is a small park and you can find the statue of traditional fishing style and the stone monument with “The land of Northern tip of Main Island” carved on it. When you see those statues with epic ocean, you really feel like you are at northern tip of main island of Japan! In the offing of Cape Ooma, you also see the lighthouse on Benten Island. If it is fine weather you can see Hokkaido over the lighthouse.
After you enjoy the northern tip of Main Island, please try fresh tuna. There is a shopping area called “Cape Ooma shopping street” and you can eat fresh tuna at the restaurant. If you look at the website of Ooma Wide Map, you can fine some events related to Ooma Tuna.



Sightseeing website “Ooma Wide Map”


Cape Ooma

zip code 039-4601
Oomadaira, Ooma Ooma-machi, Shimokita-gun, Aomori


Cape Ooma Rest House (It is 80m from Cape Ooma)

zip code 039-4601
Oomadaira, Ooma, Ooma-machi, Shimokita-gun, Aomori

Mystic Spot “Osorezan”

We had been driving a car for 30 minutes since we left Shimokita Specialty Center. Suddenly, we saw the huge shrine gate. We felt a little bit nervous with this scenery but we kept driving. When we drove though mountain trail, we saw a beautiful lake and beautiful nature. It was a little bit surprised to see this because we did not expected a beautiful place but scary place.

We went to the reception and asked for a guide. He was an expert of guiding Osorezan. He has been working at Osorezan for 5 years. He welcomed us with a big smile.
We went though the main gate and there was a white straight road continuing to principal image. Beside this road, you can see 48 lamps standing. There is an office on the right side and main hall on the left side. There are many remains or pictures in main hall. Especially we were curious about bride dolls. The reason why people leave bride dolls is to wish their children could get married in heaven. This time we only saw bride dolls but some parents leave broom dolls for their daughter as well. We could see how much parents love their children.At the gate of the main hall, we found that there is a carved wooden board. This carved board shows the story about young Shima Guang (He is a confucianinst in China). His friend fell into the big water jar by mistake. Other friends were in panic and they could do nothing. Shima Guang was calm, and he threw a rock and broke the water jar. His friend was saved from drown by Shima Guang. This sculpture is very valuable. There are only two sculptures with Shima Guang’s story in Japan.

Next we saw shrine guest house after we went through under mountain gate. If you can book this guest house in advance, you can stay over a night. Recently, tourists from Europe visited here and stayed one night. Around the guest house, you can find hot spring.Osorezan is popular place for therapeutic bath for local people. The ingredient of hot spring is high quality and people said that skin disease is cured in a few days if you take hot spring bath. You can smell sulfur around this place. Some people might be worried about toxicity of sulfur. However the wind blows on a constant basis. We stayed there for 2 hours but we did not have any problem.

Before we went to Jizoden (the place where Ksitigarbha is enshrined), we went to the stall. They sell charms and talismans. We bought the charms of Migawari Jizo, which has a power to prevent danger and calamity. Visitors often buy this Migawari Jizo charms as souvenirs.
Finally we arrived at Jizoden. We are not permitted to get inside so we cannot see Ksitigarbha itself. We imagined how big this Ksitigarbha is while we were watching his feet.We are able to go inside the mail hall only we have a festival at Osorezan. If you would like to see Ksitigarbha, we prefer to check the date of the festival.

We walked on the street called “Hell” with sharp shaped rocks surrounding. Each place is named after the scene from hell. It was very shinny day and hot on this day. We didn’t have enough water. We felt like a heavy-footed while on the trail. Because we were just tired? or because of this atmosphere…??
We got shocked when we reached to the lakefront of Lake Usori. It was like Hawaiian beach. We saw white sand and beautiful clear water. This lakefront is called “Gokurakuhama”, which means “Paradise beach”. It was far from the image of a haunted spot. If you listen to the story about Osorezan from a guide and see this beautiful scenery, you will have different impression about Osorezan.



Website of Mutsu Shimokita Sightseeing information


Osorezan Office

3-2, Usorizan, Tanabu, Mutsu City, Aomori

Yagen Mountain Stream

We went to Yagen Montain Stream with the staff at Shimokita Specialty Center. We did not see many cars around mountain stream but this place is precious because you can see intact nature. There is a camp site near this mountain stream and you can enjoy barbeque in spring and summer. And you also can see beautiful fall foliage around this place. We went forward to Oku Yagen and visited “Yagen Rest House”. This place is famous for Kappa (Japanese legendary creature). There are a hot spring and the statue of Kappa with the explanation as a symbol of this place. Also there is foot bath outside. You can see the bridge and path beside the mountain stream. From the bridge to Oku Yagen hot spring, it takes about an hour on foot. We often visited Oirase Gorge as the project of Green Tourism. However, Yagen Mountain Stream is calm water and quiet atmosphere compared to Oirase Gorge. They have rich green around the mountain stream and you can feel the different atmosphere from Kennan Area. Yagen area is also famous for hot spring and you can find some Japanese style hotels. Especially, Yagen hot spring and Shimofuro hot spring are famous. We couldn’t stay those two hotels but if we have a chance to visit there again, we would like to try those hot springs.



Yagen Mountain Stream

Yagen, Oohata-machi, Mutsu City, Aomori
Industrial Development Division at Oohata Government Office


Shimokita Specialty Center

2-13-33, Oomagari, Mutsu City, Aomori 035-0042

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