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Tsugaru Area

Shirakami Mountain Range

Shirakami Mountain Range is the common term of the mountain region which is 130,000 hectares. In 1993, the division of Shirakami Mountain Range which is covered by the beech forest has been designated a world heritage. Shirakami Mountain Range maintains natural beech forest which is not influenced by human and the forest is distributed in the scale of the world’s largest class.

Tachinebuta no Yakata (House of Tachinebuta)

House of Tachi Nebuta is located in Goshogawara City. You may see large-sized Tachi Nebuta there through the year. Tachi Nebuta is about 22 meter high (about 72 feet) and weights 17 tons. People pull this big-size lantern on the street. Tachi Nebuta Festival is held on August 4th to 8th every year. You may also experience to make a part of Tachi Nebuta or make traditional craft products of Tsugaru. There is a souvenir shop on the first floor and you may find local products.

Tsugaruhan Neputa Mura (Neputa Village)

Neputa Village is located near Hirosaki Castle Park. You may see Neputa(fan-shaped lantern) and listen to the music with bamboo flutes and drums called “Ohayashi”. You may also listen to the music of traditional instrument called “Tsugaru Shamisen” every 30 minutes or every an hour a day. There is a place you may experience to make local products such as Kingyo (goldfish) Nebuta, stitchwork called Koginsashi and painting of Tsugaru ware cups and so on. It costs about JPY850 to JPY1700 for the experiential activities except for the entrance fee.

Hirosaki Castle Park

Hirosaki Castle Park is very famous place for cherry blossoms in Japan. During the season of Cherry Blossoms Festival, many tourists come to Hirosaki Castle Park from all over Japan and also from abroad. There are about 2,600 cherry blossom trees inside the park. Hirosaki Castle is located the middle part of the park and this castle belonged to The Tsugaru’s (the local lord of Edo Period) and is opened to the public. The structures of Hirosaki Castle has been designated a National Important Cultural Properties.

Inakadate Rice-Paddy Art

Inakadate Village is located to Southern part of Tsugaru Plain and famous for Rice-Paddy Art. This village started Rice-Paddy Art as one of the reasons for development project of Inakadate Village. Present Rice and Ancient Rice will create the huge pictures with different colors. It is free to enter Inakadate Village Hall and you could see Rice-Paddy Art at the observatory from the beginning of July to the end of September. At the time of harvesting, you could join the activity to harvest the rice from Rice-Paddy Art Field.

Apple Research Station·Apple Museum

There are four departments at Apple Research Station; Department of Cultivation, Breeding, Bugs and Diseases, and Research of south fruit trees in Aomori.
Those departments assume the prevention for growth disorder, research for new varieties, the prevention of bugs and diseases and the cultivation for good qualities of Grapes and Prunus avium. Outside of the station, you may see different kinds of apple trees. There is Apple Museum nearby and they show the history of apples cultivation in Aomori, Introduction of Apple varieties and the challenges that Apple Research Station works on.

Kawahigashi Apple Grading Center

Apple Grading Center has 1500㎡ consolidating and shipment area and this space is able to handle the peak of apple harvesting. There are 12 refrigerators in the center and they keep 5000 tons of apples (250,000 boxes). In addition, the center has the leading -edge machines which have color sensors to grade apples by shape, damage, color, sugar concentration and acid level. This machine grades about 80 tons of apples (4,000 boxes) per day.


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