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Nanbu Area

Lake Towada

Lake Towada is a double caldera lake formed by the eruption of Towada Volcano. Towada Volcano has been designated an active volcano and the maximum depth of the lake is 327 meters which is the third deepest lake in Japan. The lake is deep blue and Senjoumaku cliff that reaches 220 meters is vigorous view. The pleasure boat cruising might be attractive to see the different scenery during all seasons.

Oirase Gorge

Oirase Gorge means the Stream of Oirase River and has been designated a National monument and special scenic beauty in Japan. The length of Oirase Gorge is about 14 kilo meters and you may find some beautiful falls and spots. You may also enjoy the different sceneries during all seasons.

Towada Art Center

Towada Art Center was opened as a project of the promotion for the community renovation of Towada City in 2008. There are 22 permanent exhibitions of 21 various artists in the museum and outside. This museum exceeded 10,000 visitors 4 days after its opening and has attracted attention as a new sightseeing spot. The outside of museum called “Outdoor Art and Culture Zone” is established in spring, 2010.

Misawa Aviation & Science Museum, Aomori

Misawa Aviation & Science Museum was opened in 2003 and is located a part of “Misawa Sky Park” that is maintained by Misawa City. This museum was built in order to grow children’s spirits for science, impression and challenge. Inside the museum, you may see the exhibition of replica airplane”Miss Beatle”which is accomplished trans-Pacific without landing and there are some activities of scientific experiments. Outside the museum, you may also see real F-16 and T-2 which are taken over by Japan Air Self-Defense Force and US Air Force.

Hasshoku Center

Hasshoku Center was opened near Hachinohe Harbor in 1980 and becomes a huge food center includes fishery products, fruits, meats, sweets and other common foods. They have 60 different stores and the length of the street is about 170 meters. On the street, you may find fresh sea foods from Hachinohe Harbor, dry foods, souvenirs of Hachinohe City. You may also find many restaurants with fresh sea foods. You may buy fresh sea foods at some of the restaurants and the staff will cook or grill right away.

Kushibiki Hachiman Shrine

Kushibiki Hachiman Shrine was built by Mitsuyuki Nanbu who was a warrior from the end of Heian Period (794-1185) and the beginning of Kamakura Period (1185-1333).
The site of this shrine is about 53,000 square meters and there are many Japanese cedars which are over 100 years. People call this site as “Hachimanyama” from ancient time. Shrine itself is a cultural heritage and this is the only place that people could see a cultural heritage in Aomori Prefecture. At Kokuhokan, you are able to listen to the guidance of a cultural heritage in English.


Kabushima (Turnip Island) is located in a port of Hachinohe City. The origin of the name “Kabushima” is not known exactly why. However it is said because the flowers of turnip bloom at this place or Kamishima (Island of God) changed into Kabushima. This place is famous for seeing bleeding site of black-tailed gulls. This is the only place in Japan that you could see black-tailed gulls very close. There is Kabushima Shrine on the top of this island and people believe that this shrine is blessed with prosperous business and children.


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